Rapid deployment CCTV

Safest CCTV solutions
Monitor the area around your facilities effectively, 24 hours a day. Our rapid deployment CCTV is a fantastic solution with its own, rechargeable battery to ensure it continues monitoring of the surroundings even in the case of a blackout. The camera can be quickly and simply moved to a different monitoring spot whenever it is needed.

Wire cable tray system

Wire cable tray system
For several years, lead to customers being renovated and finishing, but also when it comes to installation of a telephone line, or connect power to a new building. This is what I specialize. Usually encountered customers who would leave me all purchases especially when it comes to inverters, shrink fitting or wire cable tray systems.

Stylish clothes for women

A fairy tale creations for ladies
Timeless collections, including the most enchanting, fairy-tale designs of ruffled dresses, original blouses, creative jumpsuits and many more. Our stylish clothes for women are created by one of the most innovative designers, who passionately craft each project and pay attention to every button and every detail.

Salt mines Krakow Poland

Tours to Wieliczka mine
If you want to see one of the most impressive places in Poland, our tour is just for you. We organize trips to salt mines in Wieliczka near Krakow. Since 1978 it’s listed on the UNESCO Cultural and Natural World Heritage list. See magnificent underground chapels, sculptures cut out and many other unique works of art.

Air ducting

Tubes for ventilation systems
Our company recommends durable tubes for efficient ventilation systems. Air ducting from our offer is made of such reliable materials as galavanised steel, stainless steel or copper. There are also specially designed boxes and storage rack available. Tubes can be properly adjusted to be used for swimming pools.

Butterfly valve

For industrial installations
All products available in our offer are resistant to critical and demanding environmental conditions, while remaining environmentally friendly themselves. Each butterfly valve is made of nodular cast iron and stainless steel, which mades it compatible with sea water, vegetable oils, oxygened gasoline and more.

Farm machinery and construction machines transmission

Gears for industrial drivelines
We are one of the leading manufacturers of gears for farm machinery and construction machines. Transmission systems produced by our company are widely used in many industries, such as agriculture, railways or defence. We focus on finding the most efficient powertrain solutions meeting the needs of each customer.

Law office

Law office
Every entrepreneur or even a public institution from Poland, looking for reliable, professional legal help, should visit Our company website. This law firm has great experience in helping Clients from broadly understood Baltic Sea Region (BSR). We are convinced that the quality of services will be what you are looking for.

LED lightning system

Stylish lamps
We offer solutions that change your interiors without thorough constructions. In our shop you will find more than one LED lightning system: straps, luminaire, busbars, you name it. We don’t just sell you the product but also inspire you with our previous transformation. You can count on us with installations.


Downhole memory gauges
Our experienced crews use all the professional tools to bring the best quality of work to the oil and gas industry. We offer slickline services that include tubing drift testing, circulation sleeves opening and closing as well as setting and running downhole memory gauges measuring pressure and temperature.


Gas cutting
Machining and gas cutting machinery requires sturdy and reliable metal components to work properly. That is why we, as one of the largest steel and flat flanges manufacturers in Poland, invite you to cantact us if your company deals in shipbuilding, construction work, power and water conditioning and other.

Ford Custom

Classic Van with a brand new look
Everyone wants their vehicle to present itself in the best way possible. To make sure that you get exactly what you need, we present you our Ford Custom X Final Edition. It's brand new and exciting look combines the best qualities of the original design with all the hot additions provided by our studio.

Clinical chemistry

Test results
In our company, we use technology and methods of research in order to be able to diagnose and cure problems. We also offer products like clinical chemistry tests, which might be done in order to detect and abnormalities in the body and the systems. Every Patient can choose the right offer for their problems.

Ear plugs for MRI

Sound system accessories
Are you wondering how our sound systems work, when it comes to blocking out the noise made during the scan? The answer is quite simple: we offer special ear plugs for MRI, as well as headsets. They are safe to use thanks to disposable elements which we also have in our offer. We have tested them thoroughly to ensure they are safe and comfortable for the patients.

Vêtement de cérémonie

Chasuble liturgique
Notre riche offre de vêtement de cérémonie s'adresse à une clientèle d'exception, comme le clergé. Vous trouverez parmi eux à la fois des chasubles liturgiques pour les messes quotidiennes et des habits aux couleurs adaptées à une période liturgique précise ou à des événements comme un mariage ou des funérailles.

Laser tattoo removal Norwich

Ink removal treatment
Our clinic offers a non-invasive and effective solution for anyone who wants to get rid of the ink on their skin. Our laser tattoo removal (Norwich) is performed using technologically advanced equipment, capable of completely shattering the ink particles stuck within your skin cells - it works with both black and color pigments.

aluminium boats

Boat for recreation
Looking for a mean of water transport? We'll be glad to help you! Browse through our offer of aluminium boats and pick the one that suits you best. Thanks to the special building technology the vehicles are light, but also very durable. It is definitely worth trying: for work, transport and recreation.

women lingerie

Sexy underwear
Every girl wants to feel sexy and feminine but some of us do need a little push! Get inspired with our collection of women lingerie that will awaken your senses and let you be yourself in every situation. You will find here bodystockings, bras, panties, pyjamas, matching sets and very sensual dresses.

automatic cutting machine

Working with paper
Because of the specific needs that the printing industry has, each and every company has to have proper supplies and devices which make the whole process easier. One ot them is automatic die cutting machine that can easily create copies of given measurements. Employees only have to choose the right settings.

Recessed lights

Discrete lamps for your space
If you’re seeking a discrete radiance and glow, then shop online for recessed lights. We carry a diverse range of items which are available in a variety of designs and colours. No matter whether you’re looking for the right pieces for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or any other area of your home, here you’ll find the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

Air cargo charter

Airflight logistics
We have many years of experience in our industry. Multidimensional cargoes, with non-standard dimensions, weight or shape are not a problem for us. Our air cargo charter includes fast loading, safe flight and timely delivery of packages. If you have special requests for transportation, please contact our office.

Viking leg wraps

Medieval clothing
Available in many colors such as yellow, red, blue, orange and many more in our online store. Viking leg wraps is a necessary accessory of every medieval outfit. All of them are one hundred percent made of wool and dyed with madder, indigo, copper and many more natural organic ingredients. Some products were hand sewn and decorated with patterns.

Salon trolleys

Beauty studio equipment
They will help you store and use all the necessary accessories while doing any cosmetic treatment. Salon trolleys in our online store are different from each other in terms of parameters, drawer capacity or style, but no matter which one you choose, there will be enough space for your every single tool!

Vintage coffee sets

Antique porcelain
If you are a tea lover, you certainly know the importance of the cup from which we drink. That's why you will find a wide selection of various vintage coffee sets in our store. Handmade and attention to detail make the tableware extremely functional, but also extremely aesthetic. Choose from a variety of colors and designs.