Air insulated switchgear

Air insulated switchgear from ZPUE
Reliable, durable electrical accessories from ZPUE has found a wide appreciation amongst companies from electricity generation, construction, transport, infrastructure and other industries. Their air-insulated switchgear has solid, metal housing and four compartment units. It can be used in internal installations. See more!

Chocolate cups manufacturer

Barbara Luijckx offers chocolate accessories
Surprise your guests and let them have a great time with yet another amazing cake or dessert you are going to prepare. Barbara Luijckx offers chocolate cups, cones and other decorations to all confectionery masters around the world. They let you create even the most extravagant confectionery project.

Structural bearings

Elastomer and other construction bearings
Choose the most innovative and the most reliable solutions for your next building. Forbuild offers quality structural bearings, including elastomer systems. Their task is to transfer the forces working vertically and horizontally in the building to the supporting parts. Check the website for these reliable, quality solutions.

High gloss tv unit

Modern TV units from online store
More and more people appreciate contemporary design and style, which combines interesting, bold aesthetics and high functionality. MEX offers modern furniture for your home, including very elegant high gloss TV units available in several different versions. Check the cabinets and choose them for your living room!

Clergy vestments

Selection of chasubles of Catholic priests
Quality materials, comprehensive selection for diverse holidays and events throughout liturgical year, each clergy vestment is the exact item you were looking for. The offer includes standard ornaments and colors but individual orders can be completed as well. Choose from chasubles, stoles, cassocks, albs and other items.

Rapid deployment CCTV

Safest CCTV solutions
Monitor the area around your facilities effectively, 24 hours a day. Our rapid deployment CCTV is a fantastic solution with its own, rechargeable battery to ensure it continues monitoring of the surroundings even in the case of a blackout. The camera can be quickly and simply moved to a different monitoring spot whenever it is needed.

Folding bars

Selection of quality portable bars
Make sure you select the only guaranteed, reliable quality from the only manufacturer of original mobile working stations for bartenders. Visit the online shop to browse full offer of folding bars, including classic portable ones, as well as VIP, 2in1 and steel (the strongest) ones. Our solutions will let you serve drinks comfortably during every event.

Wire cable tray system

For several years, lead to customers being renovated and finishing, but also when it comes to installation of a telephone line, or connect power to a new building. This is what I specialize. Usually encountered customers who would leave me all purchases especially when it comes to inverters, shrink fitting or wire cable tray systems.

Agregaty uprawowe

Metal-Fach - maszyny rolnicze i akcesoria
Szukasz najwyższej klasy maszyn rolniczych na terenie województwa podlaskiego? Firma Metal-Fach oferuje profesjonalny sprzęt, części oraz akcesoria pochodzące wyłącznie od renomowanych producentów. W naszym asortymencie znajdziesz agregaty uprawowe, przyczepy, pługi, ciągniki, rozsiewacze, opryskiwacze, ładowacze czołowe, osprzęt do ładowaczy, owijarki bel, prasy zwijające, przyczepy rolnicze, rozrzutniki obornika, wozy paszowe i inne.

Cheap liposuction

Shape your body
Problem of excessive body fat can be tackled very effectively with the use of modern methods and equipment. In Top-Medics clinic we suggest for example choosing cheap liposuction: VASER LIPO, an innovative procedure, which employs the potential of ultrasound in shaping your body. The details are included on the website.

Priest robes

Chasubles and other vestments
Every season of liturgical year is deeply rooted in the Bible and symbolically reminds the congregation about the importance of faith. Catholic priest vestments differ from season to season to reflect the most important element of this occasion, this mass. Our online shop offers chasubles, stoles, dalmatics and many more pieces of clergy clothing.

Stylish clothes for women

A fairy tale creations for ladies
Timeless collections, including the most enchanting, fairy-tale designs of ruffled dresses, original blouses, creative jumpsuits and many more. Our stylish clothes for women are created by one of the most innovative designers, who passionately craft each project and pay attention to every button and every detail.

Crawler dozer

Compact and the largest crawler tractors from Dressta
Durable, versatile, offering great comfort and great performance. The earthmoving equipment has been designed by experts for the most demanding construction companies. Each Dressta’s crawler dozer can be additionally equipped with special features to suit your needs. Choose the engine and size of the machinery you need.

Outdoor LED garden lights

Decorative lamps for gardens
We want our lamps to have versatile use. That is why we have designed outdoor LED garden lights - perfect for both private and public areas. Our lighting successfully combines energy efficiency with aesthetic look and clear visibility. Thanks to the use of solid steel lanterns are resistant to external conditions like rain or strong wind.

Eddy current separator

Detection of non-ferrous metals
Our devices can also remove non-ferrous metals like aluminum, copper or zinc. The eddy current separator is a highly efficient metal detection machine, thanks to its permanent magnets. The device has got a high-speed magnetic rotor, so it is not only powerful and efficient - it is also fast. It can be used for the detection of aluminum in recycling or cleaning of alternative fuels.

Salt mines Krakow Poland

Tours to Wieliczka mine
If you want to see one of the most impressive places in Poland, our tour is just for you. We organize trips to salt mines in Wieliczka near Krakow. Since 1978 it’s listed on the UNESCO Cultural and Natural World Heritage list. See magnificent underground chapels, sculptures cut out and many other unique works of art.

Analytical balances

Analytical scales
Since the very beginning the manufacturer has focused on the quality of each and every weighing instrument included in the offer. Radwag’s analytical balances use the most advanced technology, offering high precision and reliability of every measurement. They are used by research facilities, universities etc. which proves their quality.

Air ducting

Tubes for ventilation systems
Our company recommends durable tubes for efficient ventilation systems. Air ducting from our offer is made of such reliable materials as galavanised steel, stainless steel or copper. There are also specially designed boxes and storage rack available. Tubes can be properly adjusted to be used for swimming pools.

Butterfly valve

For industrial installations
All products available in our offer are resistant to critical and demanding environmental conditions, while remaining environmentally friendly themselves. Each butterfly valve is made of nodular cast iron and stainless steel, which mades it compatible with sea water, vegetable oils, oxygened gasoline and more.

tour food

Try the typical Polish cuisine
Do you want to get to know our culture, traditions and history? There is no better way than through..eating! During our food tour you will try such typical Polish dishes as dumplings, bigos, golonka or kotlet schabowy. You will also hear interesting stories and amusing anecdotes told by one of our local guides.

aquaculture protein supplements

Highly nutritious eco feed
Among our extraordinary products made from insects, we offer aquaculture protein supplements, such as full-fat meal rich in that nutrient and lipids, and pellet. The latter is processed in such a way, that it does not loose its qualities during the procedure. Moreover, it is suitable not only for fish, but also for rodents, reptiles, and amphibians.

Wholesale tights

Wholesale pantyhose and other hosiery products
Vast collection of one of the best hosiery products created by the most creative designers. Fiore offers wholesale tights, pantyhose, stockings and other products in a wide variety of colours, forms, materials and versions to suit expectations and needs of every woman. Check new collections, pick your products and order the selected ones today.