Structural bearings

Elastomer and other construction bearings
Choose the most innovative and the most reliable solutions for your next building. Forbuild offers quality structural bearings, including elastomer systems. Their task is to transfer the forces working vertically and horizontally in the building to the supporting parts. Check the website for these reliable, quality solutions.

Clergy vestments

Selection of chasubles of Catholic priests
Quality materials, comprehensive selection for diverse holidays and events throughout liturgical year, each clergy vestment is the exact item you were looking for. The offer includes standard ornaments and colors but individual orders can be completed as well. Choose from chasubles, stoles, cassocks, albs and other items.

Rapid deployment CCTV

Safest CCTV solutions
Monitor the area around your facilities effectively, 24 hours a day. Our rapid deployment CCTV is a fantastic solution with its own, rechargeable battery to ensure it continues monitoring of the surroundings even in the case of a blackout. The camera can be quickly and simply moved to a different monitoring spot whenever it is needed.

Wire cable tray system

For several years, lead to customers being renovated and finishing, but also when it comes to installation of a telephone line, or connect power to a new building. This is what I specialize. Usually encountered customers who would leave me all purchases especially when it comes to inverters, shrink fitting or wire cable tray systems.

Cheap liposuction

Shape your body
Problem of excessive body fat can be tackled very effectively with the use of modern methods and equipment. In Top-Medics clinic we suggest for example choosing cheap liposuction: VASER LIPO, an innovative procedure, which employs the potential of ultrasound in shaping your body. The details are included on the website.

Stylish clothes for women

A fairy tale creations for ladies
Timeless collections, including the most enchanting, fairy-tale designs of ruffled dresses, original blouses, creative jumpsuits and many more. Our stylish clothes for women are created by one of the most innovative designers, who passionately craft each project and pay attention to every button and every detail.

Salt mines Krakow Poland

Tours to Wieliczka mine
If you want to see one of the most impressive places in Poland, our tour is just for you. We organize trips to salt mines in Wieliczka near Krakow. Since 1978 it’s listed on the UNESCO Cultural and Natural World Heritage list. See magnificent underground chapels, sculptures cut out and many other unique works of art.

Air ducting

Tubes for ventilation systems
Our company recommends durable tubes for efficient ventilation systems. Air ducting from our offer is made of such reliable materials as galavanised steel, stainless steel or copper. There are also specially designed boxes and storage rack available. Tubes can be properly adjusted to be used for swimming pools.

Butterfly valve

For industrial installations
All products available in our offer are resistant to critical and demanding environmental conditions, while remaining environmentally friendly themselves. Each butterfly valve is made of nodular cast iron and stainless steel, which mades it compatible with sea water, vegetable oils, oxygened gasoline and more.

Wholesale tights

Wholesale pantyhose and other hosiery products
Vast collection of one of the best hosiery products created by the most creative designers. Fiore offers wholesale tights, pantyhose, stockings and other products in a wide variety of colours, forms, materials and versions to suit expectations and needs of every woman. Check new collections, pick your products and order the selected ones today.

Farm machinery and construction machines transmission

Gears for industrial drivelines
We are one of the leading manufacturers of gears for farm machinery and construction machines. Transmission systems produced by our company are widely used in many industries, such as agriculture, railways or defence. We focus on finding the most efficient powertrain solutions meeting the needs of each customer.

Law office

Every entrepreneur or even a public institution from Poland, looking for reliable, professional legal help, should visit Our company website. This law firm has great experience in helping Clients from broadly understood Baltic Sea Region (BSR). We are convinced that the quality of services will be what you are looking for.

Polish mechanical watches

Quality hand watch
Since 2012 we have been producing Polish mechanical watches. Our catalogue includes high quality hand-made items divided into 4 different style-based series and 1 limited edition series. Two projects are yet to be released into market but you are more than welcome to place a pre-sale order. Our designs are mostly inspired by classic car designs.

Process tanks

High-quality tank
Ever since we started our company in 2011 our goal has been to provide the best industrial machinery. Our offer consists of equipment such as rectangular and process tanks manufactured with durable materials. They are multi-purpose, high quality instruments commonly used by many companies all around the world.

LED lightning system

Stylish lamps
We offer solutions that change your interiors without thorough constructions. In our shop you will find more than one LED lightning system: straps, luminaire, busbars, you name it. We don’t just sell you the product but also inspire you with our previous transformation. You can count on us with installations.


Downhole memory gauges
Our experienced crews use all the professional tools to bring the best quality of work to the oil and gas industry. We offer slickline services that include tubing drift testing, circulation sleeves opening and closing as well as setting and running downhole memory gauges measuring pressure and temperature.

Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs in UK
Your interiors deserve the best, modern architectural solutions, also when it comes to contemporary stairs. You can choose for instance wooden staircase, designed and manufactured by experienced, skilled professionals. These solutions can project amazing, illusive aesthetic apparel, especially when the steps are combined with LED lighting.

Granite and quartz worktops

For every professional or aspiring chef, or home cook, having a place where they can fully express themselves through their passion is exceptionally important. That is why our granite and quartz worktops are a perfect fit for them, as they not only offer a great aesthetic to the interior decor, but are very durable and resistant to heat as well, which makes them perfect for every kind of cookery, even pastry making.

Chesire Acupuncture Clinic

Our mission is to help people who are suffering from ailments. We prefer to work alongside traditional methods. What makes us unique is the combination of the traditional Chinese and the modern approach. In the Northwich acupuncture clinic, we offer a variety of different services with a holistic overview to aid people in feeling better. We also provide different therapies which include massages, Hopi Ear Candling, and Reflexology.

PEX pipe connector

Linking pipes
To make sure that your hydraulic systems or heating networks do not leak, all of the parts need to be linked with the highest quality of equipment. For that purpose you should use a PEX pipe connector that allows a number of different configurations with varying diameters while not needing any specialized tools.

Chapel of rest

Chapel of rest Manchester
In our Manchester funeral home, we have a set space which is dedicated to the family and friends viewing and saying their last goodbyes to the deceased person. The chapel of rest allows some privacy and can be used by all of the mourners. It is a quiet sanctuary where one can say a prayer or just be with their loved one before the ceremony.

Wall tie survey

Cavity wall inspection
Don’t ignore any suspicious cracks that you have noticed on the surfaces of your house, especially if it was built before the 80s. A wall tie survey run by an experienced surveyor will tell you a lot about the general condition of your property. An early and swift intervention will not only reinforce your house in general but will also lower the cost of potential repairs and increase the overall value of your property if you decide to sell it.


Gas cutting
Machining and gas cutting machinery requires sturdy and reliable metal components to work properly. That is why we, as one of the largest steel and flat flanges manufacturers in Poland, invite you to cantact us if your company deals in shipbuilding, construction work, power and water conditioning and other.

House removals Exeter

Ed Kowalski Removals LTD
Comprehensiveness and professional approach is what you can expect of man and van services offered by the Exeter company. They offer removals to everyone looking for a reliable expert in the area, who will take care of all of the aspects of moving to a new home or office. They offer safe packing and unpacking, transportation to a selected place on a selected time and date, as well as offer storage for a required period of time. Do not waste your strength, time and money - contact the company and order them today!

Polish pottery dishes online

Traditional pottery from Poland
Feel free to browse through our wide array of products that are traditionally made with love and care. We invite you to order our Polish pottery dishes online and be awed by handmade, beautifully decorated kitchen equipment. We offer products of many patterns and colors, so we are sure that you can find something you like in here.

Ford Custom

Classic Van with a brand new look
Everyone wants their vehicle to present itself in the best way possible. To make sure that you get exactly what you need, we present you our Ford Custom X Final Edition. It's brand new and exciting look combines the best qualities of the original design with all the hot additions provided by our studio.

Wire rope tester

Steel cable inspections
You won't find better products when it comes to steel cable inspections. The wire rope tester we manufacture is known for its stability and sturdiness. We provide you with a non-destructive way to test your equipment and machinery. With 40 years of experience, we are sure to offer you only the best products and advice.

Office removals service

Moving to another location
Relocating your entire office to another place can be a real struggle. We try to make this decision easier for you by offering transport and all kinds of assistance. We will take care of the furniture, folders, documents and many other necessary tools. Thanks to our office removals service, it will all be done in no time!

automatic tape applicators

Office and printing house supplies
Our company offers a wide variety of products which will be found useful in various types of printing houses. One of them are automatic tape applicators. They will surely reduce the time the employees have to spend on doing the action manually. The machines can also be used in various other businesses.

Virtual office ireland

Brexit solutions
Due to the UK leaving the EU, many businesses may want to have their address in The Republic of Ireland, as it is still and EU member. If you are one of them, contact us to get a virtual office! We also offer PO Box Numbers, Mail-Forwarding, Telephone Answering Services, and many more which may turn out to be very helpful for you in those times.