Production in Poland

Warehouses for production purposes - Cushman & Wakefield
In several decades of Cushman & Wakefield company experience, it has helped numerous customers find the best warehouse or investment area to develop, e.g. their production. Now, the company is present in Poland as well, offering their vast knowledge of the local real estate market. Choose their help!

Polythene bag production

Promotional bag manufacturer - choose FROGUT PLASTICS
Pick from a wide range of shapes and types or design your own solution to effectively promote your grocery store or market. FROGUT PLASTICS offers polythene bag production based on proven materials (HDPE, LDPE, MDPE). The shopping solution can be printed on both sides with your company logo, thus effectively promote your brand.

Rotary sieve

Wedge wire drum screen
Manufactured to work without interruption rotary sieves, included in the offer of Progress Eco S.A. company, are chosen by the most demanding customers. The company’s website presents detailed technical information on all of the equipment produced by this manufacturer. Visit it now and check for yourself.


Reman-Tec - turbo experts
You do not have to invest in a completely new turbo, when you can repair or recondition it in a reliable garage. Reman-Tec is a team of experts when it comes to turbochargers who will take care of the process comprehensively. They use quality replacement parts and test the element comprehensively to ensure your car, truck or other vehicle operates as new.

Tow bars for cars

Steinhof Company
We are a reliable company that specializes in the production of high quality automotive products. Our offer include: hooks and tow bars for cars, brake pads and brake shoes and brake discs. The high quality of our products goes hand in hand with low price, which is an asset of our company that makes us competitive in the automotive market. Our hooks have a special vehicle for load resistance, and mechanical damage. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

Air insulated switchgear

Air insulated switchgear from ZPUE
Reliable, durable electrical accessories from ZPUE has found a wide appreciation amongst companies from electricity generation, construction, transport, infrastructure and other industries. Their air-insulated switchgear has solid, metal housing and four compartment units. It can be used in internal installations. See more!

Chocolate cups manufacturer

Barbara Luijckx offers chocolate accessories
Surprise your guests and let them have a great time with yet another amazing cake or dessert you are going to prepare. Barbara Luijckx offers chocolate cups, cones and other decorations to all confectionery masters around the world. They let you create even the most extravagant confectionery project.

Balances and Scales

Full-featured laboratory balances
Use only the best, the most precise and reliable weighing devices in your research. Radwag has prepared laboratory scales in a number of versions, including ultra-microbalances, microbalances, analytical and precision versions and mositure analyzers. Choose their technological advancement and the best repeatability of measurements.

Structural bearings

Elastomer and other construction bearings
Choose the most innovative and the most reliable solutions for your next building. Forbuild offers quality structural bearings, including elastomer systems. Their task is to transfer the forces working vertically and horizontally in the building to the supporting parts. Check the website for these reliable, quality solutions.

Chocolate decorations manufacturer

Barbara Luijckx - decorations for your desserts
The most creative - and demanding at the same time - confectionery experts choose Barbara Luijckx white, dark, milk and other chocolate decorations. Visit the website to check the full offer of tasty and elegant cups, cones, cigarellos, shavings, curls, logos and other shapes, sizes and forms you can use.

HEMAC is an association that brings together people interested in historical martial arts such as fencing. If you are interested in this type of event, you should familiarize yourself with our special offer. The website, available at find an online store where you make satisfying purchases.


Law firm from Warsaw
Comprehensive legal and tax advisory services available for domestic (Polish) and international Clients. Team of Warsaw lawyers is fluent in mergers, acquisitions (and other transactions) and other assistance offered to companies. However, the legal firm also assists individuals in a variety of cases.

Tax consulting

Opinions, fiscal inspections and other tax advisory services
Wide range of support in fiscal matters for small and large companies. Tax consulting services include verifying compliance with corporate regulations, preparing opinions and providing advisory assistance (also during fiscal inspections), conducting audits and planning/optimizing your payments. The details are on the website.

High gloss tv unit

Modern TV units from online store
More and more people appreciate contemporary design and style, which combines interesting, bold aesthetics and high functionality. MEX offers modern furniture for your home, including very elegant high gloss TV units available in several different versions. Check the cabinets and choose them for your living room!

Dental travel

Modern cosmetic dentistry procedures
Dental implants, tooth whitening, dentures and numerous other procedures conducted at Dentim Europe clinic are available at great prices. Dentistry in Poland is not only affordable, but also innovative and the dentists working there are one of the leading in Europe. Do not hesitate to choose their services!

Fibrous plaster mouldings

A selection of plaster cornices
Turn your interior into the most sophisticated space you can imagine with our fibrous plaster mouldings. Our workshop in Greenford, London offers a wide variety of ready-made ceiling cornices. Additionally, we can create unique decorative elements, according to individual specifications and requirements.

Poznan hotel

Elegant hotel in Poland - Don Prestige Residence
Great location is just the first from numerous advantages offered by each and every room of Don Prestige Residence. The Poznan hotel invites you to 73 air-conditioned rooms, with satellite TV, a mini-bar and a safe deposit. They are all artistically and practically designed by one of the most talented professionals, thus you can count on perfect conditions. The pictures, along with prices and description of the available rooms can be found on the website. Check it out now and book your room today!


Selection of vestments of Catholic priests
Quality materials, comprehensive selection for diverse holidays and events throughout liturgical year, each vestment is the exact item you were looking for. The offer includes standard ornaments and colors but individual orders can be completed as well. Choose from chasubles, stoles, cassocks, albs and other items.

Fly traps

Automatic exterminators of flies
For smaller shops as well as for the largest food processing plants - our fly traps are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, types and versions to suit all your requirements. Our electric insect killers are extremely effective, as they catch and instantly exterminate all flying bugs, including mosquitoes.

Rapid deployment CCTV

Safest CCTV solutions
Monitor the area around your facilities effectively, 24 hours a day. Our rapid deployment CCTV is a fantastic solution with its own, rechargeable battery to ensure it continues monitoring of the surroundings even in the case of a blackout. The camera can be quickly and simply moved to a different monitoring spot whenever it is needed.

Folding bars

Selection of quality portable bars
Make sure you select the only guaranteed, reliable quality from the only manufacturer of original mobile working stations for bartenders. Visit the online shop to browse full offer of folding bars, including classic portable ones, as well as VIP, 2in1 and steel (the strongest) ones. Our solutions will let you serve drinks comfortably during every event.

Wire cable tray system

For several years, lead to customers being renovated and finishing, but also when it comes to installation of a telephone line, or connect power to a new building. This is what I specialize. Usually encountered customers who would leave me all purchases especially when it comes to inverters, shrink fitting or wire cable tray systems.